Marv Hinga, Clerk/Treasurer


Marv Hinga
(616) 842-1393

Deputy Clerk

Jordan Schwing

Deputy Treasurer

Lori Spelde

The Village Council elects the Clerk/Treasurer based upon a recommendation from the Village Manager. The primary responsibility of the Treasurer is to maintain the Village’s financial records in accordance with the Village Charter, State law and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

The Clerk/Treasurer or his designee are responsible for the preparation of the minutes, posting any meeting notices that are necessary to carry on the business of the Village of Spring Lake.

The Clerk/Treasurer or his designee maintains the General Ledger, and is responsible for the investing of Village funds, balancing checking accounts monthly, and paying all of the accounts payables.

The Clerk/Treasurer or his designee prepares and disburses the payroll, and maintains all information regarding an employee, such as insurance, retirement and attendance.