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Lawn Irrigation / Sprinkler Restrictions

The recent hot and dry weather has resulted in an increase in lawn sprinkling, leading to record water demand on the system supply. To meet the system demand during these peak flow periods, the NOWS filtration plant needed to flow at 93% of its production capacity. NOWS and the water plant staff are concerned that current weather patterns and increased water use demands on the operating system could bring about inadequate daily water recovery periods, making it very difficult to maintain water storage for system fire protection. To avoid low or no-pressure situations within our system, we are asking for your help.

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When Should I Water?

Attention Spring Lake Village Residents!

Village Water/Sewer Online Bill Pay

Utility Payment

We CANNOT accept credit cards in the office, but you can use the online bill pay to pay by credit card. Payments in the office or in the drop boxes are accepted until 5 pm on the due date. After 5 pm, late charges will apply. There are two drop boxes in the Village, one is on the north side of the Village Hall building and the other is located behind Village Hall (previously located behind the Love in Action Resale Store at the corner of Savidge St. and Jackson).

Questions about your utility bill, information about new service, to change the name on an account or other water and sewer related questions please contact Lori at (616) 842-1393.

Auto pay and e-billing is available for quarterly bills: Automatic Payment Enrollment Form

Water/Sewer Fee Schedule

Monthly PFAS Reports

Water & Sewer FAQs

What if I have a sewer backup?

If you experience an overflow or back-up of a sewage disposal system, first please contact the Department of Public Works to check the Village’s lines before calling a private plumbing firm. More information »

What do I do if I hear gurgling in my sanitary sewer?

Call the Village Hall (616) 842-1393 right away or if after hours call the non-emergency number (800) 249-0911.

Why do I have a water bill when I am not using any water?

The Village of Spring Lake Water and Sewer Divisions provide utility services on a fee-for-service basis. In addition to the fees for the actual gallons consumed or collected, there are "readiness-to-serve fees." These fees are typical in other water and sewer systems in the county and elsewhere. The intent of readiness-to-serve fees is to cover costs that are fixed no matter whether water is consumed or the user disposes of wastewater. The fees do not go up or down based on usage. Since they relate to each metered service, they only vary on meter size. Currently, Village Council sets the fees during the annual budget adoption process.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, online Utility Payments or Tax Payments.
We do not have the capability to accept credit card payments at Village Hall.

What should I do when I go away for the winter?

If you're leaving for the winter you may want to call the Village to have your bill forwarded. You may also want to call a plumber to winterize.

How do I sign up for automatic utility payments?

Fax, mail or drop off the form below to the Village Hall.

Automatic Payment Enrollment Form

Is there a drop box at Village Hall?

There are two drop boxes in the Village, one is on the north side of the Village Hall building and the other is located behind Village Hall (previously located behind the Love in Action Resale Store at the corner of Savidge St. and Jackson).

Water Quality Report

This report is designed to inform you about the quality of the water we deliver to you everyday. Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. We are committed to ensuring the quality of your drinking water.

Northwest Ottawa Water System (NOWS)

The Village of Spring Lake purchases water from the Northwest Ottawa Water System (NOWS) for distribution to its 1,200 customers.

The use of NOWS water replaced a system that had been very efficient and cost effective since it inception is the early 1900s. This change took place in April 1992 at the end of a long process that began as the result of the discovery of TCE and PCE in the Village’s groundwater water aquifer in 1987. The Village has discarded a groundwater-based supply system in favor of connecting to the Lake Michigan-based NOWS. This conversion has been costly and has already had signigicant water rate and millage levy implications. The Village, however, has been able to provide high-quality water to its residents through this conversion.

Eric Law
Water Facilities Manager
Northwest Ottawa Water Treatment Plant
City of Grand Haven
519 Washington Street
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Phone (616) 847-3488

In 1973, the Grand Haven/Spring Lake Sewer Authority began operating a new wastewater treatment facility under contract with the City of Grand Haven to provide wastewater treatment services for the Village of Spring Lake and the City of Grand Haven. Since then, the Village has paid a proportional share of the expense for operating this plant.

Ryan Vredeveld
Plant Superintendent