Stacey Fedewa Bio

Stacey Fedewa has worked in the planning profession for 10 years, over 5 of which have been with Grand Haven Charter Township as the Community Development Director, which oversees planning, zoning, building, and code enforcement. Stacey grew up in Saranac, a small rural farming town in Ionia County. With her background she has developed an appreciation for nature and the environment, the importance of agriculture, and how that balances with a growing community. She received her BS from Michigan State University in Urban and Regional Planning, and her MA from Western Michigan University in Public Administration, with a concentration in Local Government. Stacey is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). In her spare time, Stacey enjoys traveling, painting, crafts, and walking her 16 year old lab mix, Luckey, who loves the snow and can’t pick her nose up off the ground—the world smells so exciting down there!